Normal Thread Billet Knob: Atlas Shifter

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Our billet shifter knobs are designed to fit the curvature of the hand. As you pull down two fingers go underneath the curve and two on top, then when you push it fits the palm of the hand. We added the custom smooth knurling for grip it doesn’t matter if you are barehanded or wearing gloves. They come with 1/2-13 threads to fit the Atlas shifter or anything that has 1/2-13 threads. The threads are cut at the bottom for the perfect fit.


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1 review for Normal Thread Billet Knob: Atlas Shifter

  1. Mike Ortega

    Bad Ass and very Functional 👍, makes Shifting into high or low gear on my Atlas Transfer Case much easier then with the stock plastic shift balls that came stock. The handle is a little taller then stock, so it helps with the leverage. I use these to Race in the Ultra4 events.

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