Alien Machine Worx

Custom Differential Covers

Our Differential covers are made 100% in the U.S.A with Ductile Iron. It has an extra rib/platform on the top which allows you to add things to it if you wish by drilling and tapping the material. Such as a backup light or lights, backup camera, a go pro, and so on. We also kept the ribs up off the bottom in case you wanted to shave the cover for more ground clearance on a shaved axle. We designed and built our covers to be strong for our off road community.

Trusted Axle Protection to Conquer Any Terrain

  • Engineered for performance applications
  • Manufactured from high-strength nodular ductile iron
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Can withstand 7.55 tons of straight pressure
  • Coverage for Dana Axle Assemblies
  • Built-in ribbing for added axle and internal gear protection
  • Custom engineered components


Our Clients Love Us!

Rod Cotton

“It’s always a good time wheeling with the Alien Machine Worx family. Tim and his boys are just fun to be around. They make a great product and they are not scared to put it to the test. I can wheel with confidence knowing I don’t have to worry about my differential losing any fluid. It’s the area you won’t see until it’s too late.”

Arturo Soria

“When working with Alien Machine Worx, you not only gain access to a great group of guys that have the right attitude to get any task done, you get a top notch American-Made product that looks and performs phenomenally. Whether having a fun weekend of wheeling the Truckhaven Hills or racing through the brutal King of the Hammers Racecourse, there is a sense of relief knowing I can trust my Alien Machine Worx differential covers to protect the expensive axles, gears, and lockers that go into my hammer proof differential. I’ve found through trail wheeling and pushing my rig on tough Ultra4 race tracks, you can’t change what’s ahead, but you can arm yourself with the best parts available to handle every obstacle; Alien Covers do not disappoint!”

Brandon Barberena

“Being an offroad enthusiast for over 15 years, I know that differential protection is extremely important. This is why I choose Alien Machine Worx covers. I’ve had numerous diff covers over the years on various different axles and vehicles, none stand up to the quality and craftsmanship of Alien Machine Worx. These diff covers give me the confidence to explore the harshest of Rockcrawling trails in Southern California without having to worry about any damage to my axles.”